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Viktoria Cologne: Timmy Thiele has to be operated

Olaf Jansen (birthed 8 October 1966) is a retired German footballer and also supervisor of Viktoria Cologne, that played as a midfielder.

It can only be better in the new year, said Viktoria Cologne's sports board Franz wondrously to the injury lizards over the past six months. Coach Olaf Jansen recently reckoned in the Kölsch Rundschau that Viktoria had to complain about seven injured players on average per match day.

Especially an actor was missed: Timmy Thieve, in the season 2020/21 with nine goals still third-best striker of the Cologne, came to a total of 125 minutes of play due to various injuries. At the beginning of the year, adductor problems stopped him, then he was thrown back from muscular problems before following his second comeback at the end of November again because of adductor problems. His return is not foreseeable, Victoria announced at the beginning of December.

Viktoria-Neuzugang Timmy Thiele: Erste Trainingseinheit in Höhenberg

Only three goals through attackers

Now it is clear that he can not intervene 30-year-old at the start of the remainder of the rest on 14 January. Because Thieve has to undergo surgery soon, only then there is a prognosis about its convalescence time. It is considered to be sure that the Victoria is therefore intensified in the attack in this winter. Because in the storm pushes the shoe: The total of seven nominal tops came in the 20 playing so far only three (!) Gates.

But there are also good news for Coach Jansen: The long-term injured David Philipp, Federico Palacios and Tor wart Sebastian Mailing are back in the team training.


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